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When you’re ready to take a break from your everyday life and try a new type of adventure, visit the country of great history and experience fascinating cultures. Discover all the main attractions and historical monuments and learn all there is to know about Egypt.

When you’re set to leave and ready to come to Egypt, there’s a few things to keep in mind in order to ensure you get the best possible experience during your journey. First and most importantly, you need to pick the best luxury Egypt tour companies, and that’s why we’re here. Dunes & Beyond offers you many different types of luxurious tours and excursions to any and every sight and attraction you can think of, whether in Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor or Aswan, for example.

Whether you’re more interested in history-related tours or looking for a getaway to chill and forget about the world at sea, we can provide you with the perfect tailor made travel packages to best suit you. To learn more about Egypt’s history, you can visit places that include the Pyramids of Giza, Cairo Citadel or the Grand Egyptian Museum, which is set to open this year! Other activities and attractions are located at the Red or Mediterranean seas, where people go to relax, enjoy the perfect weather and get the best tan of their lives. These places include Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada and of course, Dahab. If you can’t pick what places to see, you can have it all! Choose all the cities, attractions and cultures you want to see and learn about and we will have it all for you in one luxurious tour package.

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Offering Affordable Egypt Guided Tours

Outside of Cairo, visiting Luxor & Aswan is a must. Discover Ancient Egypt in the places where it all began. Take a luxury Nile river cruise between Luxor and Aswan to visit all the historic temples which include Edfu, Kom Ombo, Abu Simbel and much more! Hop on a hot air-balloon while in Luxor, and dwell in the beauty of Egypt from high up in the sky. Also, don’t forget that the 3-4 day Nile cruise is an experience in itself! We are here to make sure that from the point of landing in this beautiful country to getting on your flight back home and everything in between, you will get the optimal experience of your lifetime.

If you’re interested to know more about the packages offered to you for Egypt guided tours, take a closer look at one of the many packages available; Cairo & Luxor tour package. In this travel package, we offer you a 5-day short break to Egypt. Your very own private tour will start from Cairo led by your private tour guide, where you will visit the Egyptian museum, the Great Pyramids of Giza and Khan El Khalili bazaar. After that, your private tour will continue on in Luxor. Visit endless temples in the ancient city of Thebes such as the Karnak temple, Luxor temple, as well as the Valley of the Kings.

The tour you choose can be changed and customized to your liking, or you can simply create your own desired private luxury tour which will be curated to fit your schedule and your entire stay in Egypt. Accommodation is something we can never forget, and to give you the best rest and comfort during your stay, we made sure to pick out only the most luxurious hotels in Egypt. Whether you’re seeking a luxury Nile cruise, excursion in Cairo or history-filled private tour in Luxor & Aswan, look no further because we have all that you’re looking for in one place.

Don't Miss Pyramids and Lake Nasser Cruise

Don’t Miss Pyramids and Lake Nasser Cruise

Egypt Guided Tours Made for You

Start planning the Egypt itinerary suitable for you and we will help make it a reality. After you’ve learned all there is to know about Egypt’s history, don’t forget to have a little fun in Egypt’s nightlife, too. Enjoy a delicious dinner in fancy restaurants in Zamalek or hop on a Nile dinner cruise with a belly-dancing act. The felucca is also a fun boat-ride in the Nile where you will come to meet some of the most entertaining Egyptians and enjoy listening to upbeat Egyptian music.

Egypt packages also offer you Safari trips and full day tours visiting Islamic and Coptic Cairo. Choose your travel package to Egypt here and get reasonable and affordable prices. We recommend you book your trips to Egypt during Spring for the best weather if it’s your first time, but also make sure to take a separate trip to Egypt during Autumn and Winter as this time of year is filled with its very own festivities and fun.

From snorkeling and relaxing in the sun to hot air balloons and historic temples, Egypt has it all! Plan the perfect Egypt guided tours today and reach out to us to get the private luxury tour of your dreams at the best price.

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