About Dunes & Beyond

In 2011 Dunes & Beyond has added ‘five star’ luxury safari travel to experiencing the splendor of the desert. Dunes & Beyond are the undisputed expert safari planners and they have brought a unique dimension to ‘living the dream’ of desert exploration for the adventurous tourist, who wants more than just visit the Pyramids and Sphinx.

D&B was launched in 2011 as Egypt’s premier travel company specializing in luxury desert safaris. D&B Chairman Sherif Khalil founded the company after spending 11 years in Luxury Tourism Field with one of the world’s most prestigious tour operators, dealing with international VIPs and organizing high end journeys and events.

Shortly after the launch, D&B introduced the concept of Glamping’ in luxury camps as a pioneer in this field at the Egyptian Western Desert.

Building on this, D&B expanded and had more branches in Egypt to provide Signature Style of travel in the whole Country. In 2015 D&B added more countries to offer luxury trips in more and more destinations.

At D&B we are determined to fill the gaps left by other travel companies and provide a high quality service for discerning travelers. We concentrate on quality rather than quantity and our highly trained professional staff is fully focused on providing a unique experience.

Why Dunes & Beyond

At D&B we pride ourselves on the creativity we bring to the marketplace for those travelers and tourists who seek a sense of adventure in their trips. We bring excitement and thrills, but with a ‘five star’ attitude and comfort in a totally safe and secure experience.

Here are some of the reasons that you can rely on D&B to bring you an unrivalled experience as you prepare to bring a sense of adventure and exploration into your life.

  • The best guides
  • First aid certified staff on site
  • Highly professional drivers
  • Quality control and customer service team follow up on our guests in case they need any assistance
  • Uniform for all our staff on site
  • Emergency line operating 24/7 in case of any emergency
  • Extensive experience in handling every aspect of desert programmes for the world’s major companies and organisations
  • Unusual trips and destinations
  • Developing a full range of uniquely tailored, creative itineraries
  • Team building programmes in the desert in association with leading companies
  • Guests itineraries contain detailed site descriptions and emergency contact details of our operations team
  • All health and safety measures
  • Standard Emergency Procedures drill ensures immediate reaction to any medical situation that requires attention
  • GPS, satellite phones, SPOT tracking system in all our remote trips
  • Applying HACCP system in all food handling in the desert
  • All the suppliers are carefully selected by our Quality Control team to meet our standards
  • Regular audits and checks on all our suppliers, contracted hotels, restaurants, vehicles and any other service provider to closely monitor their performance and rectify any shortage in a timely manner
  • All our trips are pre-approved by the tourism police and other related authorities

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