The Best Eco-Lodges in Siwa

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The best Egypt Eco-lodges

Ecotourism in Egypt

Have you ever thought of trying the ecotourism; to travel in a way that respects the mother nature, to be keen on environmental conservation and to prevent it from degradation, to ensure regular living spaces and pristine environments
The accommodation at the Eco-lodges is designed to ensure the less impact on the natural habitats, it is also a chance to leave the city behind, to get back your peace of mind and to sweep away the stress that surrounding you all day.

Where do the most famous Eco-lodges exist in Egypt?

Egypt has been receiving and welcoming tourists for ages, although the ecotourism is relatively new, but it is growing in a noticed way, since 2017 whether the numbers of the eco-lodges or the practitioners, most of the best Egypt ecolodges can be found in; Sinai, Siwa Oasis, Western Desert and the red sea coast of Marsa Alam and most of them obtained the Green Star Certification, that is awarded to hotels and resorts that comply with the rules and guidelines of the “Green Destinations, that will definitely flourish the global level of eco-tourism in Egypt, and luxury Egypt safari tours.

What do you know about Siwa?

Siwa is an Egyptian oasis located in the west desert of Egypt; Siwa attraction is coming from being a unique part of Egypt, People have their own culture and customs, women still wear tradition customer and silver jewelry, Siwa is one of the best places where to buy traditional local handicraft

Siwa one of the least polluted places on Earth, here the most attractive and luxury eco-lodges in Egypt, it has the most interesting best Egypt ecolodges and luxury Egypt safari tours, you probably never knew about it and you should visit if you are looking for some peace of mind

The best Eco-lodges in Siwa

Adrere Amellal

“Adrere Amellal” means “The White Mountain” in Siwan language. as it is overlooking a huge White Mountain. It is a place out of the time as they said about it, one of Egypt’s best eco-lodges, this ecolodge is expensive, but it is expected especially when you know that it is celebrities’ favorite place, both Egyptian and foreigners rave about its simplicity and its luxury at the same time.

Rooms are built with the traditional style of Siwa, the walls are made of salt rock, and furniture by hand made craft

The place has no electricity no telephone (calls only are allowed at your room if you have reception), it is lighted with beeswax candles after dark. It may be expensive, but definitely worth coming at least once.

At this charming best Egypt ecolodges; Britain’s Prince Charles and his wife spent two nights, he was surprised that no pesticides or artificial fertilizer have ever been used in the oasis.

Adrere Amellal Siwa Eco-Lodge

Taziry Eco-lodge

Taziry, or full-moon in the Siwan language, It collected the Berber culture of the Siwa region constructed with natural materials alongside the traditions and customs of the people there, Taziry has been built at the footstep of the famous Red Mountain of Siwa, confronting the magnificent White Mountain; with a view look at the vast Gary Lake, and the timeless dunes of the Great Sand Sea, you can enjoy the mountain setting and the best stars gazing ever or enjoy a luxury Egypt safari tours
The place is also using candles inside the rooms, or oil lamps and torches outside, giving the place a to keep the poetic ambiance.

Taziry Eco-Lodge

Talist Siwa

It lies in between the Siwa lake and its surrounding mountains, it is a family owned ecolodge with their own farm used their daily product to cover their needs from food, there’s no electricity, you can charge your phones and other devices from the generator for an hour a day. At night, everything is lit up by candles and gas lamps, they have a natural water pool that’s perfect to relax by.

Talist Siwa

Safari in Siwa

The Great Sand Sea surrounding Siwa is a haven for Safari lovers, prepared with local Jeeps is ready with singular drivers are examples of cinema stunt drivers! to arrange radiant journeys in the desert for a full day and an overnight dinner, having an enjoyable adventure for luxury Egypt safari tours with an unforgettable meal in the desert or barbecue with your favorite kind of meat. Not only but you can also choose to camp overnight and sleep in the desert’s enormous sand dunes under the moon and the stars watching the magnificent evening glow and unblemished tranquility of the desert by night

We have luxury Egypt safari tours and packages with equipped cars and our guides will handle everything for you from your food to official permission to sleep in the desert

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