The Grand Egyptian Museum

The Stunning Scope of the Grand Egyptian Museum

Grand Egyptian Museum The hottest spot for elite travelers in 2019

Egypt is home to some of the world’s oldest monuments, tombs, temples and enormous number of stunning artefacts, many of them were built thousands of years ago and you will be astonished cause they have the size and immensity of today’s many constructions

What do you Know about the Grand Egyptian Museum?

The Grand Egyptian Museum is one of the service’s biggest ventures required a great deal of subsidizing and an enormous spending plan, development has been finished at 88 % two dates had been declared in 2018 with respect to the exhibition hall’s opening, and both were deferred, and it is set to open authoritatively by 2020

It is undeniable that the Grand Egyptian Museum is under the focus of the world it will enable Egypt to turn into a noteworthy overall center point for Pharaonic history and is relied upon to be one of the biggest exhibition halls in the whole world displaying a heritage gave for one single human advancement and as a major aspect of Egypt’s endeavors to return stolen and pirated antiquities, a significant number of them will be exhibited at the GEM.
The Grand Egyptian Museum aims to break new ground to inspire the world, and of course, the superstar here is the famous Egyptian pharaoh; King Tutankhamun, displays 1800 pieces of his personal belongings, that have never been unveiled before since its uncovering in 1922.
One of the very interesting features have been added lately; is an interactive digital camera that allows you to take pictures inside the museum, and then share it on social media or send it to yourself by email, a photo-booth taking a prime spot in front of Ramses the Second statue, displaying how you can snap a photo at this superior landmark, you can see it for yourself directly there!

Looking for a historical Luxury tour at Giza, Cairo, Visit the Grand Egyptian Museum

Cairo is a charming city full of stories; at every street and behind every building is a deep-rooted civilization, and that what makes it a worth place to visit, waiting for the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum, which will be a convergence point for tourists in Giza, likewise a mini-tourism city for Egypt, Located in close proximity to the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, as well as Egypt’s newest airport, Sphinx International Airport. theoretically, you can land at the airport, visit Giza pyramids and Sphinx, and then hit the museum before flying home again.

Despite hard-working and progress in construction at Giza Museum, as it’s otherwise known, it is set to be officially inaugurated in 2020, here we offer you the best Egypt travel package and a planned visit to the soft opening of the museum at the beginning of 2019, a tour at the construction site of the museum and the general hall while the renovation and construction process, where King Ramses II statue and Tutankhamun belongings are displayed and the museum’s restoration center and wood preservation lab.

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