Cairo, the capital of Egypt is considered the largest city in Africa. “Cairo” “Al Qahirah” in Arabic means “The Victorious”. The River Nile is dividing Cairo into the East Bank “Cairo’ and the west bank “Giza”. Both Cairo and Giza along with the Northeastern part “Kaliobia” are representing The Greater Cairo.

With the great increase in the population, the Capital is being extended to get bigger and bigger with new extensions. It is difficult to geographically measure the city accurately due to these extensions. Approximately, Cairo measures 528 square kilometers with population of almost 19.5 million due to 2018 statistics.

The best time to visit the Cairo is from November to March when days are pleasantly warm and nights are relatively cool.


Amidst the rich history of the pyramids and the ancient civilization, Egypt’s incredible wildlife and breathtaking nature seems to be forgotten. Therefore, it is necessary to take luxury trips to Cairo to shed some light on the country’s 28 ecosystems and number of sanctuaries.

Ranging from coral reefs to the Nile River Island and from the deserts to the mountains of Sinai Peninsula, are Egypt’s best protected ecosystems. These have recently been articulated to cater to more tourists. The maintenance of the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, not only encourages tourism but is also very necessary for sustainable growth and development.

If you wish to run away from the city’s never ending hustle bustle, then you can come and relax amidst the chirps of a millions of birds that migrate to this protected area. Every year, a number of birds take shelter in the wetlands of Lake Qarun, an important habitat for flamingos. Moreover, the lake is also a sight for amphibians, reptiles and other species.

Another example of Egypt's beautiful ecosystem is one of the most recently declared landscapes - White Dresser protected area. It is a heavenly landscape, with unique rock formations and plains of chalk deposits. You can either take pleasure in witnessing the sun play with the rock sculptures, or you can set a night camp and dwell in the vastness of the Milky Way.

Wildlife sanctuaries like Ras Muhammad, Sha’ab Samadai are also worth visiting.

Culture and History

Egypt, the largest country in the African continent, is also called “The gift of the Nile” due to its rich history and breathtaking natural beauty. The Pyramids of Egypt and the never stopping nightlife of the country attract a number of tourists from all over the world.

Egypt is an Islamic country, and thus, majority of the population is Muslim. The people are conservative but friendly. Egypt is a country where you will definitely end up making new friends. From authentic cuisines to handpicked international dishes, Egypt has a lot to offer tourists. The country offers amazing sightseeing opportunities while staying true its deep rooted history.

Cairo, the capital city of the Egypt is the center of business, culture and socializing in the entire continent. Being the largest city, there are number of Attractions in Cairo. Moreover, the city provides the transportation connecting it to the other cities.

Cairo is relatively a fast moving city. The city is also known as “the city of thousand minarets” and is the main destination of major tourist groups. There are many Cairo tours that you can choose on your trip to Egypt. These tours are led by tourist guides who introduce you to the city’s history and also let you travel the steps that Cairo took towards modernization.

With wildlife sanctuaries and peaceful landscapes on one hand to the glittering nightlife on the other, Egypt tops the chart of favorite destinations to spend your vacations. If you are looking for luxury trips to Cairo, here are some things you need to know.


Population - Demography of Cairo
Ranked third among the most populated countries in the African continent, Egypt has a population of around 99.17 million; out of which 19.5 million people reside in the capital city of Cairo. According to the reports of 2019, Egypt is the 15th most populated country of the world. In terms of population density, Cairo ranks 126th in the world with 84 people per square kilometer.

The main population lives around the River Nile, which is spread over an area of 40,000 square kilometers. Moreover, the estimated growth rate, according to the reports of 2012, was 1.922 percent and fertility rate was 2.94 children per woman.

The increase in growth rate from 1970 to 2010 was due to many reasons, including advancement in medical science and agriculture. According to a report of 2012, life expectancy at birth also increased from 14.7 years to 72.3 years from 1980 to 2010. The estimates of 2018 reported that the population in Egypt consists mainly of middle aged people from 25 to 54 years.

However, in recent years, a changing trend in the age group has been witnessed, with an increase in working age groups and decrease in people in the elderly age group.

The population mainly follows Islam, and is conservative in its practices. Ethnic minorities include Greeks, Turks, Abazas, covering the Sinai Peninsula and the desserts in the east. In the area of Siwa Oasis, Siwis cover the land, and Nubian people reside along the Nile. The mother tongue of Egyptians is Arabic. However, this Arabic is spoken with many local variations. English is also widely spoken in and around popular tourist places. French is another language that you will commonly hear on the streets of Egypt.

Egypt is also known as the Arab Republic of Egypt, which is settled at the Southwest corner of Asia, and at the Northeast corner of Africa. However, most part of Egypt spans North Africa. It is surrounded by both land and sea, with the Mediterranean Sea in the North, Israel and Gaza in the Northeast, the Gulf of Aqaba in the East, Libya in the West and Sudan in the South.

The population of the country is friendly and tries to make you feel comfortable instantly. Growing up in a country of rich heritage and strict ethical practices, people are conservative but are warm and friendly.

Nightlife In The City

Nightlife in Cairo

Have you shortlisted the heritage sights you want to visit in Egypt? Have you made your luxury trip to Cairo reservations with a tour guide who will aid your travel through the rich history of the city of pyramids? However, in the process of doing that, let’s hope haven't forgotten to make plans to rock the city nightlife?

Yes, the beautiful city of Nile has more to it than a rich history and picturesque locations. It also bustles with exuberant nightlife. Apart from being a centre for business and socializing, Cairo is known to be a great host if you decide to hit the roads at night. You will find crowded streets with folks enjoying soft drinks. Locals usually sip soft drinks, but all kinds of international drinks are easily available around the city. People can also be found digging into some mouthwatering delicacies,  or matching the beats of some rock music.

The city never sleeps, and you will have to walk in its shoes, if you don’t want to miss a thing the place offers. The city is all about friendly people, who with their warmth and smiles will give you an unforgettable time.

Moreover, there are so many bars and places that are highlights of Cairo that you can never run out of choice. From bars that entertain you with international singers and world class belly dancing, to places that let you blow off some steam and groove till the sun comes up, Cairo covers it all.

If you are in a mood to swing through the night slowly, enjoying delicious dinner and sipping classic wine, then you must set your foot in U Bistro and Bar where you can choose the finest starters handpicked by some of the world’s best chefs.

So, whatever your desire is, Cairo’s nightlife won’t disappoint you. After all, it is one of the biggest attractions in Cairo city.


Transportation in Cairo
Located in the center of Egypt, Cairo is both the capital city of Egypt, as well as, the transportation capital. Moreover, being the largest city in Africa, Cairo is a commercial, cultural and administrative hub.

The city spreads over an area of 453 square kilometers, and is surrounded by deserts in the East, West and South, and by the Nile delta in the North. Thus, because of the geographical location and commercialization, it is connected to other cities of the country through various means of transportation. These include air travel, land transport via trains, buses and personal vehicles for long distances in and around the city. There are many luxury trips to Cairo that you can take. There is a water transportation system through the river Nile and Lake Nasser also.

Moreover, carriages run throughout the state to help tourists travel around the provincial cities and see historical monuments. They can be booked near railway stations. Even though they are slower than other means of land transport, but their ability to reach the places where taxis and buses can’t, make them quite popular.

Besides carriages, the city travels via buses. There are three types of buses that run in Egypt. These are:
• The inter city
• Stopping bus from every station
• Deluxe buses
These buses are run by the government and the private companies. The fare and comfort are reasonable. You can also opt for taxi cars which can be easily spotted outside hotel and stations. Although the drivers charge more, taxis are definitely more convenient and comfortable.

Moreover, if you own an international driving license, you can also book a self driven car and enjoy the streets of Egypt. But the best way to know the country is by booking a guide who will take you to luxury trip to Cairo.


What is the best time to travel to Cairo?

The peak season to visit Egypt starts in the month of October and lasts till February. Although these months treat you with low temperatures, the sunny, pleasant mornings are good for sightseeing. However, it is always recommended to pack some jackets and sweats for the night.

Most tourists plan to enjoy the highlights of Cairo, the capital city of Egypt around Christmas and Easter, and thus, if you too wish to travel around these months, it is better to book early.

What medical precautions should I take before travelling to Cairo? / Which vaccines should I get before visiting Cairo?

Cairo is a hygienic city and equipped with all medical facilities capable of handling chronic, as well as, emergency cases. However, it is recommended to get yourself vaccinated for typhoid, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, yellow fever, and rabies few months prior visiting Egypt.
Moreover, it is even better to get your routine medical check up done 2 or 3 months before planning the tour.

Is it safe to travel alone to Cairo?

Yes, travelling solo to Cairo is safe. Most of the Egyptians are friendly people. They try to protect and befriend solo visitors who are visiting their country. Moreover, the security system of the country at the tourist spots is remarkable. Police stations and helping agencies are located at every spot in Cairo.
Even for female travelers, it is safe to roam alone. However, women must take every caution that they usually do while travelling. Any offers made by strangers must be declined politely.

Should I visit  Cairo during Ramadan?

During the month of Ramadan, the general pace of Egypt slows down, as the maximum population of Egypt is Muslim. Therefore, they abstain from drinking, eating, smoking etc. Locals tend to rush home before the sunset to break their fast. Local markets run slow. However, the tourist hotels and places remain active and do not prohibit drinking.
So, if you wish to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan and seek blessings, this is probably the best time to plan your luxury trip to Cairo. Moreover, the last day of this month is celebrated as Eid and the town presents itself in shiny colors and exquisite delicacies.

Can I get an E-visa to Egypt to visit Cairo?

Yes, an E-visa to Egypt is available for the following countries: European Union, Australia, Canada, Georgia, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, the United States, Macedonia, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Norway.
Citizens of these countries can also get a visa on arrival. Such visas are valid for up to 30 days after arrival and can be obtained by showing your passport and personal details. Moreover, people of few countries in North America and Middle East can also travel to Egypt without any visa under certain conditions.

Is getting a Visa to visit Egypt difficult?

If you are not a citizen of any of the above listed countries, you will have to apply at the Egypt embassy, and follow the norms for applying for a visa to any country. You need to keep your documents ready depending on the country you are from.
Your passport must have a validity of 6 months and a blank page at the end. It is recommended to manage your time well before planning a trip, because getting a visa through the embassy is usually a tiring process.

How is the weather of Cairo?

Since most of the area in Egypt is covered by deserts, the weather is usually hot during the day time. However, around the Mediterranean coastal areas, the weather is humid. Peak summer months are from May to October. During these months, it is advised to carry sun protection lotions. Cotton clothes, goggles, hats, are a few other things that you can stuff into your bag, so that you could enjoy the attractions in Cairo.
Peak winter months are from October to May, and thus, woolen clothes should be kept for travelling during these months.

What are the emergency call numbers I should know while travelling to Cairo?

These are the emergency numbers you can dial while in Egypt:
123 for an ambulance.
126 for tourist police.
180 for fire.

Can I get a car or cab of my own to ride?

Yes, you can get a ride of your own, but only if you own an international driving license.

Which are the most popular bars I can visit in Cairo?

Although Egyptians prefer to have soft drinks, there are a number of bars that serve international drinks. Some of the popular places you can stop by are Buddha Bar, Hard Rock Cafe, Stage One, Gu Bar etc.
The bars are the highlight of Cairo and invite famous for serving some of the best drinks and inviting famous international singers. From enjoying watching belly dance moves to dancing on rock tunes, you can spice up your night the way you want.

What is the best currency to take while travelling in Cairo?

Egyptian Pound works in Egypt. The code is EGP, LE or E£. You can carry around 5,000 EGP in and out of Egypt. Moreover, US dollar, pound sterling, and euro are tourist currencies that are frequently accepted. All these currencies can easily be exchanged into the Egyptian currency at official exchange centers.
You can also use credit cards throughout the city. However, communicate with your bank officials before making transactions although, the local markets and places accept only local currency.

What are the means of transportation I can use in Cairo?

From the capital city of Cairo, you can travel either in buses, cars or trains or you can take a luxury tour to Cairo. Many government buses run in and out of the city. Their timing are usually from 11 am to 6 p.m.
You can rent taxis or your own personal vehicle. Trains and trams run continuously to take you from one town to the other. Moreover, you can also sail in ships or buy yourself a ticket to cruise on the beautiful River Nile. Air travel is also available from the capital to other towns.

What kind of clothes should I pack for a trip to Cairo?

The Muslim population crowds the streets of Cairo, and thus, the clothes worn by local folks are usually conservative specially for women, the rules are more strict. Many women wear a hijab or niqab.
Although, these rules are not mandatory for the tourists to follow, but it is recommended to carry clothes that cover your sleeves, neck and legs. This is only to show your respect for the religion of the country you are paying a visit to. Similarly, for men, shorts and sleeveless t shirts should be avoided. Long trousers and loose shirts are the most suitable.
Also, keep in mind the weather during the time that you are planning your visit, and accordingly keep necessary cotton or woolen clothes.

Are there any rules I should keep in mind?

Egypt is a predominantly Muslim country, and thus, there are certain norms that, if followed, will benefit you. These are:
Religion should not be discussed in public. Citizens there might get offended by your views of their religion.
Women in the country are conservative and keep a distance from the visitors, and that should be taken into account.
Intimate contact like kissing should be avoided in public. Friendly contact is acceptable.
You should respect the country’s religion and remove your shoes before entering a mosque or any other sacred place.
It will be best if you avoid drinking and smoking in public places during your stay in the holy month of Ramadan.

Is the internet connection good?

Egypt is a popular tourist place, and thus, internet connection in Cairo will not be a big issue. Usually, the connection is moderate and normal surfing and emailing can be done easily. Most cafés around the city offer good WiFi connection. Thus, you can easily stay connected to your family and friends while enjoying your luxury trip to Cairo.


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