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Amman is not the only known place in Jordan for you to visit. The country capital holds many adventures. There are also many amazing attractions distributed all over Jordan that are sure to be worth your while. Plan your Jordan tour,  and get ready for the best tour in a magnificent country. You will come to find that some cities and towns are an attraction in themselves! Such as Umm Qais, Madaba, and many others. Umm Qais is a town in Jordan known to hold the ruins of the ancient Gadara and is a well-known attraction. Madaba is a city southwest of Amman. It’s famous for many things which include the mosaic map of The Holy Land, the Madaba Archaeological Park. This park is home to the Church of the Virgin Mary, Roman, and Islamic artifacts, and more! Another important attraction to include in your visits there is Mount Nebo. Mount Nebo is an elevated ridge of the Abarim. Here Moses was granted a view of the Promised Land in the Hebrew Bible. We give you the best Jourdan tour packages at affordable prices.

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Check out many of the best Jordan tours available at Dunes & Beyond such as Petra tours from Amman. Petra is an archaeological site that was the capital of Nabatean and it has many temples and tombs. Many of which are carved into pink sandstone cliffs which is why it’s called Rose City. There is much to visit in Petra and that includes The Treasury, Petra Museum, and many other sites. You can discover the magnificent ruins for yourself in the Petra Visitor Center found in the archaeological park. Have you ever seen the dead sea? Do you know why it’s called that? This is because it’s very high in salinity which prevents aquatic organisms. It is impossible to drown in the Dead Sea because the amount of salt stops swimmers from sinking. The Dead Sea lies in Jordan Rift Valley and it is the Earth’s lowest elevation on land. This is because the surface and shores are 430 meters below sea level. If you enjoyed chilling or taking a swim when you visit the sea, don’t forget to check out the Dead Sea Museum, as well.

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If this is your first Jordan trips, make sure to include a trip to Wadi Rum from Amman, or wherever you are staying. It’s a desert landscape with sandstone mountains, valleys, dunes, canyons, and more. Wadi Rum, the largest wadi in Jordan, is also known as Valley of the Moon. And it has been a filming location for many well-known movies. It’s considered one of the more famous attractions in Jordan and you shouldn’t miss it before you leave. It’s beautiful to visit whether day or night and you can also book a Jeep tour while you’re there! Wadi Rum is located east of Aqaba in southern Jordan.

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Jerash Park also has a selection of attractions to visit and it includes Oval Plaza, Agora, Temple of Artemis, and the Jerash Archaeological Museum, for example. As you’re about to enter the city you will also find ruins that you should stop and take a look at, which are the Hadrian’s Arch and Hippodrome which is a partially restored stadium from the Roman-era. To get the best out of your experience, make sure you choose carefully all the things you want to include in your trip by reading and learning about Jordan attractions and make sure not to miss out on all the famous sights, which will surely be worth your visit. You can opt for Jordan private tours or join Jordan group tours and we’ll make sure to provide the best experience there is.

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Another history-filled attraction is the Baptism Site; the place where Jesus was baptized. It’s also known as Al-Maghtas and is found close to the Jordan River. This World Heritage site has two main areas for you to learn more about and they are the remnants of a monastery (Jabal Mar-Elias), as well as, the remains of churches and baptism ponds close to the river. You will also come to find that both ruins are connected by the Wadi Kharar stream. Ajloun Castle also holds religious history as it is a Muslim castle found northwest of Jordan. It was built in the 12th century and it is located on a high ground guarding three wadis (Wadi Kufranjah, Wadi Rajeb, and Wadi al-Yabis) which led towards the Jordan Valley.

Capital Of Jordan

If you wish to begin your visit to Amman, here are another top 3 attractions for you to visit: First you can start with Amman Citadel and it’s a historical site found in downtown Amman. The citadel is one of seven hills that originally made up Amman and is considered to be L-shaped. Next, you will find the Jordan Archaeological Museum, which is actually located in the citadel. The museum was built back in 1951 and holds many artifacts from Jordan dating back to the 15th century. Finally, you shouldn’t miss the Roman Theater and it was built in the 2nd century. This 6,000-seat theatre is a famous landmark in the capital and dates back to when the capital was then known as Philadelphia. It was also carefully oriented to keep sunlight off spectators, which is why it was built into the hillside. Now that you have a much clearer view of what the wonderful country of Jordan has to offer all its visitors, don’t waste any more time and start planning the best Jordan trip and choose your desired Jordan travel package, whether you want it tailored just for you or would prefer to choose one of our already existing packages! The history-filled sites are waiting for you.