Luxurious Luxor Excursions

A visit to Egypt is incomplete without a few Luxor Excursions and with good reason. This region is one of the most attractive, mystical, and awe-inspiring parts of the country. It is located in Upper Egypt and attracts millions of tourists every year. Luxor has a lot to offer so just a single visit isn't enough for most tourists. Over the years, we have seen much return to this region to explore more. The modern city sits on the same site as the Ancient City of Waset, also known as Thebes. At Dunes & Beyond, we help travelers explore this fascinating city in complete luxury.

Day Tours in Luxor – The World’s Greatest Open-Air Museum

It is easy to understand why the entire world is entranced by the Ancient Egyptian Civilization when you step into Luxor. There’s a thriving modern city here, but nothing can disguise its rich history and heritage. You can explore monuments that have been here for thousands of years, marvel at the sheer ingenuity and artistry of these buildings, and learn about the country’s history from trained guides. Some of the places we visit on our luxury day tours in Luxor include: You can explore these sights and so much more with Dunes & Beyond’s day tours from Luxor. We always include a trained Egyptologist guide for tourists with curious minds. If you want to do more than just look at these magnificent structures, we have got you covered.

Traveling in Comfort – Air-Conditioned Day Tours in Luxor

Many people are intimidated by the prospect of exploring Egypt because they don’t know if they can handle the heat. The desert climate can be a bit of a challenge for people from more temperate regions, which is why we conduct our tours in a well-maintained air-conditioned vehicle. Wintertime weather at Luxor is very comfortable with average highs of around 22°C. We take every step to ensure the tour is as comfortable as it can be for our clients, which makes it a great choice for travelers of all ages. If you’re looking for a relaxing but memorable trip, our Luxor excursions are a great choice.

Thrilling Hot Air Balloon Rides

Exploring Luxor from the ground level is great, but exploring it from the air offers an unforgettable experience. Hot air balloon rides are comfortable, safe, and a wonderful way to see all of the magical sights in Luxor. You don’t just get to experience the massive ancient buildings from a different perspective, but also see Luxor’s natural beauty. Travelers enough the sight of the beautiful blue Nile cutting through a vast, dynamic landscape dotted by magnificent structures that have been around for thousands of years. Hot air balloons offer a unique experience because the flight is very stable. You don’t feel like you’re moving at all. It is easy to get lost in the beauty around you for a few hours. The balloon reaches the height of 1,500 feet and is manned by qualified experts. They take every safety precaution possible to ensure you have a good trip. Book your day tours from Luxor with us now to experience this thrilling ride.

Sound and Light During Luxor excursions

We also offer a private sound and light show tour at the Temple of Karnak. You can enjoy the unique and enchanting display while learning a little bit about the country’s history. The show includes a detailed narration about the history of the temple and the city. So what are you waiting for? Book your luxury day tours in Luxor today!