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Old Dongola is a deserted town located on the east bank of the Nile opposite the Wadi Howar and once was the capital of the Christian Nubian Kingdom of Makouria. Old Dongola includes a citadel, a monastery, urban buildings, suburban residences, cemeteries, and Islamic domed tombs from the 17th century. The walls of some buildings are decorated with amazing paintings and frescoes which you can enjoy watching with our tour packages to Old Dongola.

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Trips to Old Dongola

Old Dongola is home to dozens of churches. The church exteriors were mostly plain, but the interiors were decorated with amazingly beautiful frescos. A few hundred meters from the Christian sites is a large Islamic cemetery comprising various huge mud-brick, slightly pyramid-like Sufi saints’ tombs.

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Old Dongola Attractions

Old Dongola had a basilica, of which only the granite foundations and columns remain, in addition to more than a dozen churches with a cross-shaped plan, some of them are painted with superb frescoes depicting Christ, or local saints and bishops. Old Dongola is full of churches, monasteries, cathedrals, mosques, and houses that must be seen. Enjoy your trip to Old Dongola with our wonderful tour packages or ask any of our experts to plan a whole package for you.

Places to Visit in Old Dongola:

Throne Hall

Church of the Granite Columns

Islamic cemetery

The Great Monastery of St Anthony



Old Dongola Attractions

The Archaeological Site (Old Dongola)

Here there are the rest of a Christian Coptic temple with marble columns as well as several suggestive ruins of churches situated on the banks.....More info

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