Old Dongola

Old Dongola is a deserted town in Sudan located on the Nile. It was the capital of the Christian Kingdom of Makouria (7th – 14th century). The site contains many churches, places, houses, and mosques. The wall of some buildings are decorated with very fine frescoes which you can enjoy it with our best travel packages to Sudan

This area is the central part of the Nubian region where the population lives in small villages amongst yellow sand dunes and palm trees they speak a different language from the Arabs and also the Islamic religion is not as “strict” as in other regions. The women don’t cover their faces and readily speak to foreigners. Some houses in the Nubian Villages are painted with a pattern of flowers, but most of them are completely white.



Old Dongola Attractions

The Archaeological Site (Old Dongola)

Here there are the rest of a Christian Coptic temple with marble columns as well as several suggestive ruins of churches situated on the banks.....More info

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