Tombs of the Nobles


Also Called The Valley of the Nobles and located at the West Bank of the Nile. Although this valley may lack the star power of the valley of the kings or other Luxor hotspots, the tombs in this valley are some of the best attractions on the West Bank.

Hundreds of tombs belonging to nobles and high officials from the 6th dynasty to the Greco-Roman period are Scattered through the rocky hills on the West Bank of Luxor.
Sites like Qurna, Assasif, Khokha, and Dra Abu el-Naga contain tombs that span Egyptian history from the Old Kingdom onward. Decorated with scenes illustrating the official lives, funerals, and ideal afterlives of their owners, the chapels of these tombs provide us with a wealth of information about life and religious beliefs in ancient Egypt. Their beauty also attests to the skill and creativity of the ancient Egyptian artisans.

Highlights include the tomb of Sennefer who was the mayor of Thebes (modern-day Luxor) and overseer of the gardens of Amun during the reign of Amenhoteb II. In the main chamber, the ceiling is covered with clear paintings of grapes and vines, while most of the vivid scenes on the surrounding walls and columns depict Sennefer and all the different women in his life.
One of the grandest tombs belongs to the nobles is Ramose, who was governor of Thebes under Amenhotep III and Akhenaten, This tomb is fascinating because it is one of the few monuments dating from that time.