Temple of Dendera (Dandarah)

The large temple complex that dominates the site of Dendara was one of the principal cult centers of the goddess Hathor. It contains a large number of structures from different periods of Egyptian history, but most prominent today is the Greco-Roman Hathor temple, which was largely constructed between 54 and 29 BC.

The famous Dendara Zodiac, now in the Louvre, was found in one of the Osiris chapels, located on the roof of the temple.

Several monuments can be seen in the complex such as: a Ptolemaic birth house (mammisi) with a shrine of the 30th Dynasty king Nectanebo I, a Ptolemaic chapel of Thoth, a bark chapel of Ptolemy VIII Euergetes, a small Graeco-Roman temple of Isis, a gate from the reigns of the Roman emperors Domitian and Trajan, a Roman birth house, a sacred lake, a sanitarium, Roman cisterns, and a Coptic basilica, all situated within the temple enclosure walls.