Tombs of the Nobles

The northern hills of the west bank (Qubbet el-Hawa meaning windy dome) are filled with the rock-hewn tombs of princes from the Old Kingdom to the Roman period. The Tombs are numbered, For example; Sarenput I (#36), Pepynakht (Hekayib) (#35), Harkhuf, Khunes, Sarenput II (#31), Sibni (#25) and Mekhu (#26).

Many tombs are decorated on the inside with bright colours depicting motives from everyday life, hieroglyphic biographies and journeys.

The tombs are numbered and the most famous ones are probably those of Sarenput I (#36) and Sarenput II (#31) from the 12th Dynasty. They have the finest art.

The hill is illuminated at night with hidden spotlights and can be seen from the corniche of Aswan.