Al Rifa'i Mosque


One of the massive and essential construction in Egypt is Al Rifa’i mosque, it is situated near the famous Citadel Of Saladin and facing Sultan Hassan Mosque . This mosque was constructed within 40 years and was named after Shaykh Ali Al- Refai.

Seeing those impressive mosques from a distance makes anyone feel that they are actually one structure only separated by a small pedestrian walkway, this impression happens due to the fact that their exterior facades bear astonishing resemblance.

Initially, this area was the Rifa’i zawiya, where Shaykh Ali Al -Refai and some of his scholars were buried, yet Khoshiar Hanem “ khedive Ismail’s mother” determined to build the mosque on this spot commanding Hussien Fahim pasha to layout this design as she conceived the idea of constructing a mausoleum for the royal family alongside a place for Sufi relics.