Omdurman Tour Packages

Omdurman is the city opposite the capital and is the most populate city in Sudan. Even though Khartoum is the capital of Sudan, Omdurman is the country’s historic and cultural capital. Omdurman is considered part of the capital because the capital of Sudan is actually comprised of 3 separate cities. Khartoum, Khartoum North and Omdurman all come together under the umbrella of Khartoum and this is because of administrative purposes.

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Trips to Omdurman

Book your trip to Omdurman, Sudan today and marvel at the beautiful landscapes found within the city. Our luxury tours will offer you the best experience during your stay, whether it’s in the city or outside. Find many places to visit and things to do such as visiting the camel market or Al Mogran Family Park.

Omdurman is also filled with flea and street markets that sell many types of foods, hand-crafts, souvenirs and more. Shop and take walks through the cities and try the local cuisine as it’s very unique in Sudan. Book your trip now with Dunes & Beyond to visit Omdurman, Sudan.

Omdurman Attractions

Omdurman is filled with attractions that hold much history from ancient times. If you’re wondering about where you can go and all the places you can visit in Omdurman, there’s quite a few! When you book your Omdurman tour package with Dunes & Beyond, you’ll get to enjoy adventures in places such as:

White Nile Bridge

Al-Imam Al-Mahdi tomb

Hamed el-Nil Tomb

Blue Nile Bridge

Totti Old Mosque

Omdurman Attractions

Sheikh Hamad El Nil Tomb

Sheikh Hamed El-Nil was a 19th-century Sufi leader of the Qadiriyah order (tariqa). The tomb and the mosque are located in the western side of.....More info

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Souk "Souq" of Omdurman

This is the largest and the most famous and vibrant souq in the country! The souq is abuzz with noise and color, and gives visitors.....More info

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The Khalifa House Museum

  Beit Al-Khalifa, the Khalifa House Museum, was built in 1887 in Omdurman city, which is rich with the historical sites that date back to the.....More info

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The Mahdi's Tomb

The Mausoleum of Muhammad Ahmed “the Mahdi” is the most recognizable building in the city. Originally constructed in 1885 after his death, the first mausoleum.....More info

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