Karima, The ancient Napata

Karima Tour Packages

Karima is a small town placed in the Northern State in Sudan and it seems to be a little dusty market town, however, it’s way more than that. It is the perfect place to base yourself to discover the remains of the Napatan kingdom of Kush. Remote Karima is known for its closeness to an extraordinary range of ancient sites which together have given the whole area Unesco World Heritage status. Karima’s setting is unbelievable with the impressive Jebel Barkal, which means in Arabic Holy Mountain and is considered a wonderful red sandstone mountain.

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Trips to Karima, the Ancient Napata

Enjoy visiting the most beautiful places in Karima with our amazing tour packages. You can visit Jebel Barkal which has some well-preserved pyramids and the Temple of Amun. Near to the Temple of Amun, you can find a small museum containing some finds from Jebel Barkal. You can also take a trip to El Kurru which is 20km south of Karima, which contains the remains of dozens of tombs.

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Karima Attractions

The Nubian Rest House is the best place to stay in Karima which aims to make your visit as relaxing and enjoyable as possible, in addition, it’s pretty close to any of Karima’s attractions. You can go to the Karima museum, which has a small collection of artifacts, including a mummified male. You can also visit Jebel Barkal which has the ruins of a temple dedicated to the god Amun. Another amazing archaeological site you can’t miss in Karima is Nuri, which has a lot of pyramids, including the one of the great Taharqa. From Karima, you can go on a boat trip along the Nile and enjoy a great view of lizards and different types of birds.

Places to Visit in Karima

The top places that you must visit in Karima are:

Gebel Barkal

El Kurru Tombs


Karima Museum


Karima, The ancient Napata Attractions

Jebel Barkal

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The necropolis of El Kurru

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The necropolis of Nuri

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