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Cherish our Cairo tours. Cairo, the capital of Egypt is considered the largest city in Africa. “Cairo” “Al Qahirah” in Arabic means “The Victorious”. The River Nile is dividing Cairo into the East Bank “Cairo’ and the west bank “Giza”. Both Cairo and Giza along with the Northeastern part “Kaliobia” are representing Greater Cairo. We at Dunes & Beyond offer the wanderlust travelers great Tours packages to Cairo.

With the great increase in the population, the Capital is being extended to get bigger and bigger with new extensions. It is difficult to geographically measure the city accurately due to these extensions. Approximately, Cairo measures 528 square kilometers with a population of almost 19.5 million due to 2018 statistics.

Trips to Cairo:

The best time to visit Cairo is from November to March when days are pleasantly warm and nights are relatively cool. So what are you waiting for? Book your luxury tours in Cairo with Dunes & Beyond.

The oldest and most famous film and music industry holding the capital of the world in Cairo also Cairo holds the world’s second-highest education institute  Al-Azhar University. There are regional offices for different newspapers and organizations. For most of the time in history, the Arab League has had its headquarters in Cairo. So on trips to Cairo, you will get a chance to visit all those places and get enjoyed.

Cairo Attractions:

So far Cairo is the largest city in Egypt. About 9 million people live near the capital. Cairo holds much noise and traffic just like other major cities. One of Africa’s two metro systems is the Cairo metro which gets over one billion passengers trips per year. In Cairo trips, you will also see the city beautiful Nile River.

Places to visit in Cairo:

There are many wonderful and historical places in Cairo which are so dazzling that you will lose yourself in those lands. In Cairo tours, we will make sure to take you to such amazing places.

some of the famous places o visit in Cairo are:

    • Pyramids of Giza
    • Al-Azhar Mosque
    • Khan el-Khalili
    • The Citadel
    • Old Cairo
    • Asfour Crystal Factory

Not only these but there are also more places to visit in Cairo and eat Cairo’s traditional foods.



Amidst the rich history of the pyramids and the ancient civilization, Egypt’s incredible wildlife and breathtaking nature seems to be forgotten. Therefore, it is necessary to take luxury trips to Cairo to shed some light on the country’s 28 ecosystems and number of sanctuaries.

Ranging from coral reefs to the Nile River Island and from the deserts to the mountains of Sinai Peninsula, are Egypt’s best protected ecosystems. These have recently been articulated to cater to more tourists. The maintenance of the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, not only encourages tourism but is also very necessary for sustainable growth and development.

If you wish to run away from the city’s never ending hustle bustle, then you can come and relax amidst the chirps of a millions of birds that migrate to this protected area. Every year, a number of birds take shelter in the wetlands of Lake Qarun, an important habitat for flamingos. Moreover, the lake is also a sight for amphibians, reptiles and other species. Dunes and Beyond can arrange great luxury tours in Cairo that takes you across these beautiful locales.

Another example of Egypt's beautiful ecosystem is one of the most recently declared landscapes - White Dresser protected area. It is a heavenly landscape, with unique rock formations and plains of chalk deposits. You can either take pleasure in witnessing the sun play with the rock sculptures, or you can set a night camp and dwell in the vastness of the Milky Way.

Wildlife sanctuaries like Ras Muhammad, Sha’ab Samadai are also worth visiting. Indulge in the natural flora and fauna of this magnificent place by booking our luxury travel packages to Cairo.

Nightlife info

Nightlife in Cairo

Have you shortlisted the heritage sights you want to visit in Egypt? Have you made your luxury trip to Cairo reservations with a tour guide who will aid your travel through the rich history of the city of pyramids? However, in the process of doing that, let’s hope haven't forgotten to make plans to rock the city nightlife?

Yes, the beautiful city of Nile has more to it than a rich history and picturesque locations. It also bustles with exuberant nightlife. Apart from being a centre for business and socializing, Cairo is known to be a great host if you decide to hit the roads at night. You will find crowded streets with folks enjoying soft drinks. Locals usually sip soft drinks, but all kinds of international drinks are easily available around the city. People can also be found digging into some mouthwatering delicacies,  or matching the beats of some rock music. Enjoy the wild side of this enchanting place by taking luxury trips to Cairo.

The city never sleeps, and you will have to walk in its shoes, if you don’t want to miss a thing the place offers. The city is all about friendly people, who with their warmth and smiles will give you an unforgettable time.

Moreover, there are so many bars and places that are highlights of Cairo that you can never run out of choice. From bars that entertain you with international singers and world class belly dancing, to places that let you blow off some steam and groove till the sun comes up, Cairo covers it all.

If you are in a mood to swing through the night slowly, enjoying delicious dinner and sipping classic wine, then you must set your foot in U Bistro and Bar where you can choose the finest starters handpicked by some of the world’s best chefs.

So, whatever your desire is, Cairo’s nightlife won’t disappoint you. After all, it is one of the biggest attractions in Cairo city. Make your luxury trips to Cairo unforgettable by taking a dive into the Nightlife of Cairo.

Culture and history info

Egypt, the largest country in the African continent, is also called “The gift of the Nile” due to its rich history and breathtaking natural beauty. The Pyramids of Egypt and the never stopping nightlife of the country attract a number of tourists from all over the world.

Egypt is an Islamic country, and thus, majority of the population is Muslim. The people are conservative but friendly. Egypt is a country where you will definitely end up making new friends. From authentic cuisines to handpicked international dishes, Egypt has a lot to offer tourists. The country offers amazing sightseeing opportunities while staying true its deep rooted history.

Cairo, the capital city of the Egypt is the center of business, culture and socializing in the entire continent. Being the largest city, there are number of Attractions in Cairo. Moreover, the city provides the transportation connecting it to the other cities.

Cairo is relatively a fast moving city. The city is also known as “the city of thousand minarets” and is the main destination of major tourist groups. There are many Cairo tours that you can choose on your trip to Egypt. These tours are led by tourist guides who introduce you to the city’s history and also let you travel the steps that Cairo took towards modernization. Visit the iconic Cairo Attractions with Dunes & Beyond’s amazing Cairo Travel Packages.

With wildlife sanctuaries and peaceful landscapes on one hand to the glittering nightlife on the other, Egypt tops the chart of favorite destinations to spend your vacations. If you are looking for luxury trips to Cairo, here are some things you need to know.

Cairo Attractions

Al Rifa'i Mosque

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Dahshur Pyramids

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Djoser Step Pyramid at Sakkara

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Giza Pyramids

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Khan El Khalili

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Sultan Hassan Mosque (Madrassa)

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The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

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The Grand Egyptian Museum

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