Bayuda Desert

Bayuda Desert Tour Packages

The Bayuda Desert is an area filled with Acacian trees, bounded by the loop formed by the Nile between the 4th and the 6th Cataract. The desert is characterized by sharp black basalt mountains, most of them volcanic and typically cone-shaped. Some majestic Dorcas gazelles can be seen and a few vegetations are found on site.

Within your luxury tour, you can have some adventures which include Crossing some sand dunes. Safaris can extend to the Wadi Abu Dom, driving on a sandy track among many acacia trees and some wells where it is possible to meet nomads. Discover the Bayuda Desert during your trip to Sudan and experience the many adventures taking place there.

Trips to Bayuda Desert

If you’re travelling to Sudan and looking for new places to visit, make sure in include a trip to Bayuda Desert in your trip to Sudan. Our tour packages are curated to allow you to enjoy all of Sudan’s amazing sites and historical locations.

The Bayuda Desert is located at the North East of Sudan and limited by the Wadi Muqaddam. The Bayuda Desert is divided into the eastern Bayuda volcanic field and western ochre-coloured sand-sheets filled with rocky outcrop.

Things to Do in Bayuda Desert

Discover the Bayuda Desert where gold mining occurs from October to March. You can march through the desert on foot, travel on a camel or even book a safari on a 4×4. The desert is an area with hot days and cool nights, and of course, holds one of the most beautiful star-lit skies you’ll ever see. Follow in the footsteps of ancient Meroitic civilizations and explore the desert scenery that will introduce you to pyramids and tombs of the ancient Meroitic civilization.

Interact with the Bedouin during your Bayuda desert trip, drink some Bedouin tea or coffee and enjoy a delicious dinner under the starry sky during your trip. Book your trip now with Dunes & Beyond and choose the most suitable tour package for you, including a visit to Bayuda Desert.