On taking a stroll around Alexandria that lies on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast with our luxury travel Agency, people will be taken back to the Hellenistic period when Alexandria was famous for its well-stocked library and lighthouse, which made into the list of Seven Wonders.

Today, the Library was restored into the disc-shaped and high-tech Bibliotheca Alexandrina research center. Marking Alexandria’s rich history, Greco-Roman-style streets and houses, ancient cafes and European-style parks stand as a witness to its old magnificent landmarks.

Alexandria is considered the second main city in Egypt after Cairo and it has the main port in the Country where almost 75% of Egypt foreign trade passes through it.

Alexandria Attractions

Alexandria National Museum

  Taking its well-labeled exhibits from Alexandria’s other museums, the Alexandria National Museum (ANM) narrates the old grand city’s history throughout the ages, including the Pharaonic,.....More info

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Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Alexandria Library)

  Constructed in the 3rd century BC, the ancient Library of Alexandria was the city’s landmark and one of the ancient world’s most impressive libraries. Until.....More info

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Montazah Palace Gardens

  Several tourists arriving in Alexandria have never even known about the Montazah Palace Gardens, although these gardens host two authentic palaces. The first one is “Salamlek.....More info

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Pompey’s Pillar

  Standing in the rocky hilltop in the middle of Alexandria, the legend pillar is one of the largest monolithic monuments, which was erected during the.....More info

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Qaitbay Citadel (Lighthouse of Alexandria)

Built by Sultan Al-Ashraf Sayf al-Din Qa’it Bay during the 14th century, the citadel’s main objective is to defend Alexandria from Ottoman Empire, who were.....More info

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Roman Amphitheatre (Kom El Dikka)

  The Alexandria’s Roman Amphitheatre is modest in size as most of the part of the structure is in a ruined condition, but still, it is.....More info

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The Catacombs of Kom El-Shuqafa

  Considered as the largest Roman burial site in Egypt, the catacombs of Kom El-Shuqafa consists of three tombs with the capacity up to 300 corpses......More info

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