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Grand Egyptian Museum

“This will be the museum of the 21st century,” said the director general of the Grand Egyptian Museum, Tarek Tawfik.

Welcome to the Grand Egyptian Museum, one of the recent additions to the already mind-blowing list of highlights of Cairo. Also called the Giza museum, this huge complex is yet to be completed. While the official opening date is unknown but mostly at the beginning of 2020, what is known although is the Grand Egyptian Museum would be world famous attraction that will not only contribute to Cairo’s tourism but also its economy. Hence, if you are planning on a Cairo tour in 2020, here is all the information you need for your special visit to the Grand Egyptian Museum.

Design of the Grand Egyptian Museum

Shaped like a chamfered triangle, the design of the museum uses the level difference to create an ‘edge’ to the plateau. The museum is located between the plateau and the level of Nile River. The south and north walls of the complex are parallel to the Pyramid of Menkaure and the Great Pyramid of Khufu.

Advanced technologies like virtual reality are being included in the museum’s design. The Grand Egyptian Museum would have a training centre, conference centre, children’s museum and workshops which resemble those of the old Pharaonic places.

Grand Egyptian Museum

Location of this highlight of Cairo

The much talked about Cairo attraction, the Grand Egyptian Museum is located just 2 kilometers away from the legendary pyramids. Settled between the modern city of Cairo and the ancient Giza pyramids, the Grand museum is a gateway to the past and is at the junction between the fertile floodplain and the dry desert.

Containing magnificent monuments that can be dated back to a long time ago, the Giza plateau and its Necropolis have been nominated by the UNESCO for the World Cultural Heritage sites. Build on a plot of land of around 117 feddans, the museum complex will be spread around 480,000 square meters. With its central location, this museum has found a place in the list of Cairo luxury tours.

What to expect on your visit

On the Cairo luxury tour, visitors will move through a large plaza filled with date plants on their arrival at the Grand Egyptian Museum. Followed this you will be welcomed by several giant statues which will be brought in from several sites across Egypt. The building’s leading feature is the translucent wall made from alabaster located at the entrance of the building.
A third of the complex would be covered by the museum’s exhibition showcasing around 50,000 artifacts. The mummy of Tutankhamen will be shifted from his tomb in Valley of Kings to its all new home, the Grand Egyptian Museum. The authorities claim that the visitors will feel as a part of the funeral procession of King Tutankhamen. Visitors will be able to view the Great Pyramids, since one of the walls will be made of glass.

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You are welcome to arrive at the museum and explore it on your own. However, you must not forget that the museum will be huge with more than 100,000 relics and artifacts. With this in mind we recommend you to take a tour. In addition to ensuring that you know what you are looking at, it will also ensure that you see all the highlights and don’t miss anything important. We organize special trips to the Grand Egyptian Museum with our Cairo Luxury Tours. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss luxury Egypt tours.

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