Egypt ranked 2nd on CNN’s lists of top 2019 destinations

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We can proudly say that Egypt was named among the “best 19 places to visit in 2019” by CNN, coming second on the list after Christchurch, New Zealand.

Is it safe to travel to Egypt?

A frequently asked question this period due to political instability, Tourism faced a huge setback in 2011 yet it experienced a great recovery in 2017, with official statistics revealing 8.2 million visitors, up from 5.3 million the year before.
As evidence that Egypt is safe, at the beginning of the year the Belgium Royal family visited Egypt to spend their annual vacation here. The king, his queen and their four children really enjoyed their time visiting a lot of incredible archaeological sites.

And we are happy to recommend you the 7 places in Egypt that you can’t miss and a must visit.

1- The Great Cairo

Of course you can’t miss visiting the capital of Egypt, the most vibrant city here and the largest city in Africa. You can start by visiting Salah Al-Din Citadel constructed by Salah El-Din El-Ayoubi between 1176 and 1183 CE, overlooking the whole city of Cairo, to be his defensive point and to protect it from the Crusaders.
You can spend a whole day in Giza Pyramids we don’t mind how cliché this sound but you must enjoy the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the only one to remain largely intact, and of course while visiting the pyramids you must go and see the famous “Sphinx” and make sure to take a picture with it.
One of the most great things that you will be the first to see if you visited Egypt this year is the Greatest Egyptian Museum that cost $1 billion, that the museum will attach the whole set of Tutankhauman Tomb for the first time, The general supervisor of the Grand Egyptian Museum Tarek Tawfik (GEM) revealed that the partial opening of the museum will be in the first quarter of 2019.
Of course there are a lot of amazing things you can visit and see and in order to make your trip unforgettable you can contact “Dunes and Beyond” one of the best luxury tour companies in Egypt, specialized in providing quality tours. We promise they will make your trip memorable.

Giza Pyramids

2- Dahshur

Dahshur is a royal necropolis located in the desert on the west bank of the Nile approximately 40 kilometers south of Cairo. It is known chiefly for several pyramids, two of which are among the oldest, largest and best preserved in Egypt, built from 2613–2589 BC.

3- Dahab

One of the most amazing places you could ever visit, if you haven’t yet discovered the wonders of the underwater world and if you never went diving before then Dahab is definitely will be your start. You can go diving in one of the well known diving spots there “The blue hole”, you can take a trip to Ras Abu Galoum, it is a natural paradise and Bedouin camp located just north of the Blue Hole, and known by its breathtaking scenery. Tourists love Dahab, many of them decided to live there after visiting this incredible city. You can spend more than five days in Dahab and do different activity every day; we promised you will never get bored.

4- Taba

The Sinai Peninsula, a small town near the northern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba. Taba is the location of Egypt’s busiest border crossing with neighboring Eilat, Israel. Taba will keep you away from the big crowds of tourists in Sinai. You’ll enjoy diving in Fjord, an amazing beach and diving spot, famous with its crystal clear water, the flashing blue color will amuse your eyes and the quietness will definitely get you here again.

5- Nuweiba

Nuweiba lies on a large flood plain sandwiched between the Sinai Mountains and the Gulf of Aqaba, considered one of the historical places in Egypt. You can discover the famous colored canyon there, don’t forget to bring your camera and picture one of the most beautiful colored canyons you will ever see. If you are one of those people who like to climb the mountains then you can’t miss visiting Saint Catherine, It is located at the outskirts of the El Tur Mountains and 120 km away from Nuweiba. It’s a whole day trip, you can go there in the middle of the night and start to climb the mountain and see the sunset from the highest mountain in Egypt, a beautiful scene you can’t miss.
We also recommend you one of the most incredible spots that is an hour’s drive from Nuwieba, “Ras Shitan” we describe it as a piece of heaven on Egyptian land. You’ll chill and relax over the beach and beautiful scenes.

6- Castle Zaman

The perfect place to spend a day on a swimming pool or on the beach while enjoying your favorite drinks. A castle that is newly built in an old architectural style with stones brought from nearby mountains, it overlooks the Gulf of Aqaba, and is located between Taba & Nuweibaa.

Castle Zaman-Taba

7- Fayoum

A city in the middle Egypt, located 100 kilometres southwest of Cairo. One of the beautiful cities in Egypt. You can rent a 4*4 car and go to Wadi-Al Hitan (Whale Valley), a UNESCO world heritage centre, in the western desert of Egypt, contains invaluable fossil remains of the earliest, and now extinct, suborder of whales, Archaeoceti. The globally important fossils of Wadi Al-Hitan (Whale Valley) provide dramatic evidence of one of the iconic stories of evolution: the emergence of whales as ocean-going mammals, from their previous life as land-based animals. It is the most important site in the world for the demonstration of this stage of evolution.

Whale Valley-Fayoum

We definitely recommend Egypt as one of the best spots to enjoy your vacation, with its great weather and its great history. You’ll enjoy your day trips and the night life there will dazzle you.
We assure you that it is safe to go to Egypt and we promise that you will have one of best trips in your life.

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