Did you know what happens in Abu Simbel temple twice a year?

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We celebrate the alignment of the sun on King Ramses II’s face, a phenomenon that occurs twice a year, marking two important dates in the Pharaoh’s life.

The first alignment takes place every year on February 21, marking his assumption to the throne, and the second on October 22, marking his birthday. Tourists come from all over the world just to see this amazing phenomenon and you should do it too!

Abu Simbel is one of the largest temples in Aswan; originally cut into a solid rock cliff actually the city of Abu Simbel is Two hundred and eighty km south of Aswan and about Sixty km from the Egyptian-Sudanese border to the south. The city is located One hundred and eighty meters above sea level on the western bank of “Lake Nasser”. Abu Simbel temple was discovered after the construction of the high dam, as the temple was all drowned under the water. This initiative was led by UNESCO, with a multi-national team of archaeologists, at a cost of over 40 million US dollars.

In addition, Abu Simbel has a second, smaller, temple that may have been built for queen Nefertari. Its front includes two statues of the queen and four of the pharaoh, each about (10 meters) in height. Each is set between bolsters carved with hieroglyphs.

What is the best time to visit Abu Simbel temple?
Best time to visit abu simbel

If you can’t make it on the days mentioned before to see the great phenomenon so the best time to visit Abu Simbel temple is on Winter season, December, January, and February are the greatest time of the year in south Egypt, the weather is really good at this time of the year, and let me give you a travel advise, to enjoy the best scene you should definitely visit the temple before the sunset and watch is there, it is just a beautiful scene with the great huge statues and the lake view, you will see magic, and a great chance to picture an good photo of you.

If you are one of those people who like to collect memorable moments so you definitely should visit the Bazaar out of the temple to buy some souvenirs to go to your collection and maybe buy some for your best friends.

How can you travel to Abu Simbel?

travel to abu simbel temple

If you are traveling from Cairo you will have various options;  If you need to begin your vacation earlier and you are tired of all the driving you do every day then you can always take the train, it’s convenient and the cheapest way to travel, however, it will only get you to Aswan and then you should take another transportation to get Abu Simbel city. Another great way to enjoy your vacation is to take an Egyptian luxury Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan to enjoy all the beautiful scenes. And of course if you can spend more money on this trip you can always take a plane there, Abu Simbel city has its own airport, which makes it easy to just fly there.

So here are, 6 things you’ll definitely need to make your trip unforgettable

1- Your Camera.

Or at least make sure your phone camera resolution is pretty good in taking photos, and make sure the phone is fully charged and that you have, a charger/power bank just in case. You will see a lot of Pharaonic statues and great views, so you are going to take A LOT of beautiful pictures.

2- Sunglasses

We all know that sunny days in Egypt really need sunglasses! To avoid sun rays from hurting your eyes, and in Abu Simbel you’re definitely need to wear one because all the Pharaonic statues, Pharaonic obelisk and the pillars are really HUGE (The Great Temple Thirty meters high and Thirty-five meters long with four seated colossi flanking the entrance, two to each side, depicting Ramses II on his throne; each one Twenty meters tall) and to see them you need to always raise your head and look carefully to amuse your eyes with the great architecture.

3- Sunscreen

You know that in Aswan it’s summer most of the year and the sun is really hot there so you need to be prepared with your favorite sunscreen to protect your body from the sun rays

4- Water

Of course, because of the hot weather, your body will need water or any kind of juice to make up what you will lose, be prepared with a large bottle of water or your favorite juice.

5- A hat

No one will like to get sunstroke, so in order to protect your head just put on a hat to keep you safe the whole trip.

6- Tour guide

It’s always nice to have someone around to tell you all the information about the things you’re looking at. A tour guide will make it really easy for you and will give you a chance to see all the beautiful things while telling you all the amusement historical stories behind it. A lot of websites are providing this service now so it’s really easy for you to just find what you need online.

It’s always a great opportunity to get to know your ancient history and enjoy your time, if you or one of those people who always enjoy to travel in summer and go to the beaches, maybe it’s your time to make a change in the new year and go visit some of the great ancient places, and you have to encourage your friends and family  to take a trip and come to Egypt one of the best things they should do here is going to Abu Simbel and they can always book their trip with a lot of luxury companies here, a good way to tell the World that Egypt is Safe.

To complete your amazing trip to Abu Simbel make sure that you have searched for best luxury travel companies in Egypt and booked through Dunes & Beyond to enjoy your trip and make it remarkable with your friends and family.



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