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– Sunshine Pleasures & Magical nights set on the Fascinating Land of the Pharaohs-

‘’The Mummy’’ – epic 1999’s movie set on Egypt’s 3,000-year-old legacy”,
“A flash back of the Great Pyramid of Giza from primary school Illustrated History book’’,
‘Queen Cleopatra- the Egyptian Seductress’’
—– sounds familiar? Hell Yeah!!

Get a blast from your past with a Tour on Egypt and make it your ‘Soul-Searching’ tour destination.
A safari-tour to Egypt can unveil soul-retreat opportunities and yield a life-changing experience.
2018’s end is neither an end nor a beginning rather it should be – Gracely done; – by embarking on the ancient route of enchantment.  

Now is the time to head ON to the beautiful Egyptian country.
Most immersive tour on Egypt along is best possible from the best Egypt tour companies offering tailor-made tour packages. Travelling Egypt and getting the best out of it in a week is indeed possible.


Egypt is the hottest and popular travel destination in 2018.

With improved security situation, 2018 Tour to Egypt is also cheaper. Expect to get great travel discounts from the best Egypt Tour Companies and along with it travelling all through Egypt in the most luxurious and affordable way.

A high-rise of ‘hotel-reservation’ started from the month of September, 2018- as reported by the travel companies.  To make Hotel Reservations and to feel completely safe while travelling It is best recommended to book a tour company


To stay well-prepared and to avoid being ripped off, travelers need to consider knowing the following things :

  1. Arabic Numeral System

While Arabic is the official language of Egypt, in 2018 travelers can pretty much do- away by using simple English phases.

But a well-study on Arabic Numeral System is crucially important for you. Why? It is because, in Egypt the product price tags, restaurant bills and almost all sorts of financial transactions are done with Arabic Numeral System. As such knowing basic Arabic Numerals will save you from being ripped-off.

  1. Expect Egypt Supersede Your Expectations

Pyramid being one of the 8 wonders of the world might have taken a notable postion in your bucket-list. Upon visiting some other remarkable places in Egypt ( temples, Nile , Red Sea – to name a few)you will be left with total amazement.

  1. Tip, tip, tip pon it… Expect To Tip Everywhere.

Tipping in Egypt is not only accepted but also expected. Beware of frowning Egyptians whispering out word “Baksheesh’’, which means ‘generosity/tips’. S=Stay well – prepared with small bills for tipping everywhere around. Most importantly avoid tipping in USD as it draws more attention. Opt for tipping in  Egyptian Pound (livre égyptienne)

  1. Uber Is Available In Egypt

Fortunatley Uber is available in Egypt and the most reliable form of transformation when compared to the notorious Egyptian Cab drivers.

  1. Expect Photo Sessions

Egyptians, tourists alike- expect people asking for photos.

  1. Expect ‘No Flash Photography’ Restrictions inside ancient sites

Taking camera inside Egypt’s National Museum is allowed however yu will have to pay for it.

  1. Nature-bound thrill seekers can expect once-in-a lifetime experience-

Hot-Balloon rides,
Deep diving trip to Red Sea and so many more.



2018 Egypt Tour is totally safe. However even after booking a High-Rated Tour Company you will still likely be Google-searching, “Is it safe to go to Egypt?”

Here‘s where tour company comes. Satisfied expectation of safety-guarantee is quiet hard to get- be it anywhere in the world. But with a guide by your side, you can have a true immersive tour on Egypt.

Here’s how the tour company will make your Egypt –trip as safe, hassle-free and as fascinating as follow-

> Beauty of Egypt Tour and exploring classical highlights can be best experienced with a tour company providing you with a good guide.

> The tour guide will take you from the land of eternal sunshine to moments of pure indulgence while cruising on the River Nile

>You will never feel unsafe in Egypt with  a guide by your side

> With a tour guide bypassing the Cairo’s heart-stopping traffic is least scary and much easy.

> You can rely on the reputed tour guide to make your Camel-riding as easy and as exciting as possible.  Your camel-riding will be hassle-free and side by side with a tour-guide you won’t have to face the local operators rip-off schemes.

> Solo-travelling on Egypt is much easier and best experienced with a tour guide.

> Most vitally, with a tour-guide you will be spared from the misery of pushy vendors trying to convince you into buying cheap wares.

> Equally, with your tour-guide you will not fall into the trap of fishy souvenir-sellers.


Currently there are large and reliable tour companies offering group tours and private trips to Egypt. Booking a reliable tour company will let you enjoy your trip to Egypt without any stress or hassle.

With Tour Companies there are endless options to make the most out of your Tour On Egypt.

These days’ Egypt tour companies feature group tour, solo private tour, smaller groups, authentic experiences, luxury backpacking and loads of other offering catering to the needs of tourists and travelers.

Simply put- there’s a tour company suited and tailored for everyone!

On the hindsight, choosing the perfect tour company with so many offerings and many more experiences can get dilemmatic on your trip to Egypt.

Here, you will find how to get the best deal tour company and make the incredible trip to Egypt.

  1. First and foremost, identify your tour to Egypt travelling style. Similarly determine if your tour plan should focus on ‘Ancient Egypt’ or if you are more captivated with Desert Safari Adventures, Green Travel through Eco-Lodge White Sandy Beaches & Turquoise Waters
  2. Most of the times travelers and adventure seekers come up with any one of the four travelling styles as-
  1. Independent/Solo traveler preferring best-value packaged tours
  2. Couple/Group travelers
  3. Backpackers seeking backpacking packages and sometime budget-friendly tour packages.
  1. With your travelling style identified you will now chose the perfect tour company which offers the specific style, right? Wrong!

Here’s the catch-

While Egypt is evolving as the hottest tourist destination for solo and group travelers yet, Backpacking Egypt has not yet viable.  So Backpackers opting for backpacking tour packages will be making a bad decision and In deed it is rare to find a tour company offering only the backpacking tour package for Egypt Tours.

That leaves luxury tour packages. Luxury tour packages are surprisingly affordable for tourist and tour companies are offering the best one. But often times travelers tend to avoid luxury Egypt tour Packages assuming high price-tag with its ‘luxury’ entitlement.

Well, with this issue under covered – now you know that when booking a tour company and making your tour to Egypt- How Luxury Egypt Tour Packages can be the best deal!

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