Best Egypt Tour Packages from USA; Expectations vs Reality

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Best Egypt Tour Packages from USA; Expectations vs Reality

At the mention of Egypt, you may imagine mummies, deserts, Nile, and pyramids, or you may think of Mohamed Aly or Mo Salah! Yet, you should consider Egypt’s luxury tours when it comes to a quality exceptional vacation! This is where you can discover that extensive bygone era, and experience the glamour of the Egyptian great history.
Yeah, Egypt has a lot to offer than the Nile Cruise and the traditional visits to the surpassing temples and museums. Although there are some perceptions of Egypt and its lifestyle that dominate the scene, Egypt managed to give another impression and deliver the right image of its modern sophisticated lifestyle.
Are you ready to dig further into this archaeological treasure of Egypt?! Let’s continue reading this article, and see what shows up.


Most Common Egypt Packages

The famous picture of the pyramids and the camels besides attached that image into some people’s minds. They believe that Egypt still has the same ancient sites and backward architecture and culture.Even, they may think that Egyptians still live in those desolate deserts!
But the truth is,Egypt is a normal modern technology country. While a massive part of it is still desert terrains, the majority of Egypt’s habitation live in modern updated cities including, Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, and many others. Moreover, Egypt has numerous transportation means other than camels and horses. Besides the world-class airports such as Cairo International Airport, Abu Simbel Airport, Aswan International Airport, and Sharm El Sheikh International Airport, which help many Egyptian travel companies to offer the Best luxury tour packages for the Americans.

The Oberoi Zahra Nile Cruise- nile river cruise

Best Time to Visit Egypt

You may think of Egypt’s sun as an unforgiving master, which turns Egypt into dry humid place. In Fact, Egypt enjoys moderate weather; usually, its summer days are always pretty hot, yet it gets cooler in the night. You can enjoy visiting Egypt during the winter between the months of November and April. The best luxury travel companies in Egypt usually set their finest tour packages at this time, as well.

What to Eat in Egypt

Egypt is famous for its passion for food in general and meat-based food precisely. Yes, almost all Egyptian main dishes are meat based such as Kebab, Kofta, grilled chicken, Fatah, and Shawarma. The truth is, Egypt also has fabulous moderate vegan dishes including, Koshari, Foul & Falafel.

Egyptian Food

Egypt Luxury Travel Packages

Egypt has a wide number of attractions except for its pyramids, ancient religious sites, tombs, and temples. There are a number of the best luxury travel tour companies in Egypt that offer marvelous luxury packages for USA citizens. These packages include many unusual places to visit such as the White Desert, Mount Sinai, Castle Zaman, Abydos, Dahab, The Hanging Church, Sultan Hassan Mosque, and much more. Besides you can enjoy a number of cool activates that would take your breath away.
Sometimes all you need is to take a break and chill out and a place where you can get rid of it all. Clear your mind and board one of the phenomenal Nile cruises across Egypt. Discover the real Egypt and enjoy the best of its amazing tour packages. Don’t forget to check our best Egypt tour packages… Travel Now!

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