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Cairo is one of the most beautiful cities in the world that has its special magic and its fascinating weather, Cairo will be your next destination if you know how amazing it is. If you take a Trip to Cairo, it will be one of the greatest trips in your life ever, and here we will know why.

Cairo is a various country with its long history, huge culture, and its different bents. If you go there you will find a lot of places to visit, fine weather to enjoy and great sights to capture you. Whatever your reasons for having a Trip to Cairo are, you have various activities to do there. If you are a history lover or taster of natural beauty, you have a lot of things to see and excellent moments to enjoy. You should choose Cairo to be your next destination as you can go there at any t ime during the year, whatever the time you go there, you will find good hospitality and charming places for you, and also there are endless places you can visit whatever your interests were, because Cairo is the land of diversity and beauty. Here you are gonna know more if you have decided to take a Trip to Cairo and what you can do there, let’s see:

Famous places you must visit in Cairo

Going on a Trip to Cairo may be for different reasons, but whatever the reason for making Cairo your destination, there are some attentions you must visit there, I can not talk about them all, as they are endless, but here I will mention some of them:

Visiting historical places in Cairo

In Egypt, there were too many historical times and civilizations all of them left many impacts, here I will mention some of these places they left and you can visit and enjoy them:

  • Saqqara is the oldest stone in the world, it is about an hour and a half from Cairo city, it is a nice historical place.  

Doing shopping in Khan El Khalili

The Khan El Khalili street is a little-known place in Egypt, but if you have a Trip to Cairo you have to visit it, as it represents the Egyptian culture with the gifts and souvenirs sold at it. It is like a bazaar where you can buy souvenirs, spices, clothes, scarves and so on, You will enjoy your time there.

Take a tour on religious sites

Egypt is the cradle of many religions, besides having a lot of people with different beliefs and that created different religious places that talk about them, and whatever your belief is, you can visit several of these sites with its great architecture and long history, For instance:

  • Mohammed Ali’s mosque is a worth place that deserves to be visited, it has a special beauty and a long history. It has another name which is “Cairo Citadel”, it’s a lovely building, you can go there and know more about him from tour guides there.
  • Coptic Cairo is a fascinating area that has many people visiting it from all over the world, it locates next to Cairo University, it contains 7 charming churches and it is a public viewing, if you are Christian it is necessary for you to visit them.
  • Ibn Tulun Mosque is the largest and oldest mosque in the world, and inside it, there is another world away from hustle and bustle.

Activities you can do in Cairo

Cairo has various cultural and different places, you can do a lot of activities there, I will recommend some of the activities you must be interested in:

Riding a camel

Camels are nice creatures, they are spread more in the Arab world, Egypt has a good number and kinds of camels, you can do this in desserts area, for example beside the pyramids. Riding a camel is one of the cutest activities that you can do in Egypt, you will enjoy a lot so do not waste this chance.

Watching belly dancing

Dancing is a very popular thing in all countries, but every country has its various shape and details of it. Egypt is the birth of the eastern dancing, there are many places where you can see dancers like The Opera house or in special restaurants. You can watch a dancer and see how amazing eastern dancing is.

Take a night Nile cruTour operators in Cairo _ Trip to Cairo | Dunes & Beyondise

The River Nile is the longest River in the world and it is a very fascinating place, at the night, it is very charming, you can go on a felucca “small boat” trip and listen to Egyptian songs during your trip, you will enjoy your time.

Opera house

You can visit the opera house If you are interested in listening to some classical music, The Opera house hosts, from a while to another, a lot of festivals, you may be one of the lurkers who visit it at that time, also there are lots of various dancers there you can like them, opera house is a reflection of Cairo streets and the Egyptian Civilization.

Al-Azhar Park

If you want to breathe Cairo Air and see its natural beauty, Al- Azhar Park Is a great place for your Trip to Cairo after a long visit to other sights. Cairo is a great city with a great civilization, but it does not contain a lot of sine greenery, so after a long day or even at the beginning of your day you can go there for a nice picnics, also the place there is quiet and not crowded you will enjoy the trees and fresh air.

Cairo is a great destination for traveling, come here whatever your purpose for travel is, and if you are a travel lover a Trip to Cairo is a must and it will not cost you a lot. you will spend great moments, having a Trip to Cairo is a must for any traveler.

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